You Wanna Play? / Channel 5

2011   Public site-specific audio/video installation   Nocturne Festival
You Wanna Play?   Audio/video   2 screens (9 1/2 x 16 1/2 ft.)
25 ft. between screens.
Channel 5   Monitors, DVD players, DVD's   4 x 4 x 2 ft. x 4 "mounds"
Collaboration with Ariel Nasr

This work was curated by Sarah Fillmore as the anchor project for The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia during Halifax’s 2011 Nocturne Festival.

You Wanna Play? -  Ariel Nasr inserted himself in the middle of a bustling market street in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Using two identical cameras placed back-to-back he recorded the activities of the local population as they quickly streamed past his position.  We then closed down the normally quiet street, Bedford Row, situated next to the gallery and rear-projected the video onto 2 large screens attached to black scaff-holding (looks like a very large “box”).  Viewers could watch the hypnotic progression of Afghan civilians pass through one screen to the next by moving around the large box-like structure, creating a unique spatial experience.  The audio component for the work (surround) echoed through the canyon-like street environment and could be heard from a number of blocks away.

Channel 5 – Four separate piles of 8-9 television monitors of various shape and size were situated in the AGNS courtyard as a counterweight to the work on Bedford Row.  These anthropomorphic “mounds” seemed capable of collapse at any moment.  Extreme close-up footage of eyes and mouths taken from Afghan civilians played in a quick, continuous loop on each individual monitor creating a continuously shifting mosaic across the various screens.  For the mouth footage specifically we asked the various subjects to quickly articulate their relationship to god. The audio from each mouth, unintelligible for most Canadian citizens, could be heard across the entire courtyard, bleeding out to mingle with the sounds from You Wanna Play? on Bedford Row.