March Of Progress

2012   Monitors, DVD's, Audio   10 ft. between screens
Collaboration with Ariel Nasr

Curated by Sarah Fillmore, this work was installed in the main lobby of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and operates both as an independent project and as documentation for the site-specific installation, You Wanna Play?, which successfully premiered at the 2011 Nocturne Festival.

For this work I collaborated with Ariel Nasr, an Afghan-Canadian filmmaker and friend, born in Halifax and currently based in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Ariel inserted himself in the middle of a bustling market street in Kabul.  Using two identical cameras placed back-to-back he recorded the activities of the local population as they quickly streamed past his position.

Two identical monitors (32 inch) were then installed on opposite walls in the gallery lobby (10 ft. apart) with each playing its own video, allowing viewers to watch the progression of Afghan civilians pass from one screen to the next.  The audio component for the work (surround sound) is installed in the ceiling and can be heard echoing throughout the lobby.

The video footage was on a 20-minute loop.