words! words!

2014   Public site-specific performance   Dimensions: Variable
Collaboration with David Howard
With assistance from Angela Parsons and Todd Maclean

words! words! is an example of radical counter-poetics in the public realm and is particularly influenced by the critical writings of Walter Benjamin.  Two individuals (myself and Angela) each carry a sign displaying a single word in opposite directions around one of the busiest intersections (Robie/Quinpool) in the Halifax area.  The signs display antithetical concept pairings, with five pairings in total: Art/Arson, Text/Terror, Fascism/Fascinating, Gestapo/Gestation, Dare I?/Die.

As each participant travels around this massive intersection the accompanying signs slowly come together and eventually overlap before once again moving apart as they complete their revolution and return to the starting point.  One revolution around this intersection takes approximately 10 minutes.

David Howard is a writer, artist, critical theorist, and Art History professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, NS.