Town Square

2012   Public site-specific installation   Mixed-media
Dimensions: One city block

The future site of the World Trade Center in downtown Halifax is a demolished, inaccessible wasteland and a lightning rod for public debate that has languished for 18 months in a state of limbo as it awaits development.  This under-utilized and politically-charged space became my exhibition site for Town Square.

I constructed 112 human scaled “figures” dressed in formal attire.  The design and aesthetic of each “figure” is more sophisticated than a scare-crow yet less polished than any store mannequin.  This project began with the installation of 60 “figures” while the remaining 52 were installed periodically in the following weeks allowing the population to increase over time.

A chain link fence surrounding the site enforces a minimum viewing distance for the installation, frustrating any attempt to move closer.  As the viewer navigates around the fence the overall composition of the work subtly shifts causing new “figures” to appear while others melt away.

When required I would enter the site to re-position individual “figures”and repair the damage caused by vandalism or inclement weather.  This work was installed for a period of three months.