Park Lane Plinth

Title:   Working Things Out  
2013   TV's, DVD players, Plastic Drop Sheets, Styrofoam Heads, String, Rope, Used Clothing, Chair, Table Cloth, Duct Tape, Chicken Wire, Paint Chips  
Dimensions of Plinth: 4 ft. (W) x 8 ft. (L) x 1 1/2 ft. (H)

The Park Lane Plinth is a white, stage-like pedestal located in the middle of Park Lane Mall in Downtown Halifax.  The Plinth was unveiled during “Tracing The City”, an exhibition and academic conference hosted in Halifax that examined the various strategies  employed by artists when exhibiting in public space.  The Plinth was one of many featured public installations curated specifically for the conference.

Titled, “Working Things Out”, this installation creates a jarring contrast against the surrounding mall aesthetic and confronts viewers within the most unlikely of exhibition sites: the modern shopping mall.

This installation exhibited for a period of 6 weeks.