no name Galleries

Barrington Street Halifax, NS

The no name Galleries are a series of four empty windows in the heart of downtown Halifax that I have transformed into street front “white cube” galleries.  Located at the base of the Roy building on Barrington Street, the no name Galleries offer an immediate, visceral and unmediated art viewing experience for the local population, with an average of 1000 people passing by the windows each day.

This page features projects I have exhibited in the no name Galleries.  A second page will soon be created highlighting the various artists, both emerging and professional that have exhibited in the window galleries as well.

1-6.  We’re All Gonna Be OK.   Tv’s, DVD players, plastic wrap, paint, cording.   2013.

7-13.  Blessed Assurance.   Human hair, light bulb, barbed wire, paint.   2013.  (Video documentation below).

14-21.  Heaven And Earth.   Styrofoam Heads, wood, fabric, black tar, paint, rope, string, broken glass, rocks, dirt, used cigarettes, synthetic fern, feathers, human hair, plastic wrap, safety mask, fluorescent light.   2013.