Free Masons Hall #1/Free Masons Hall #2

2009  Free Masons Hall #1  Found object, fabric, wood.  4 x 4 x 4 ft.
2009  Free Masons Hall #2  Found objects.  Dimensions: N/A

This show was the final exhibition for the Visual Arts Nova Scotia Mentorship Program.

In the summer of 2008 a local chapter of the Free Masons organization sold their 150-year-old building in downtown Halifax and relocated across the city.  I was fortunate to be friends with the buildings new owner, a businessman who began the slow process of transforming the ancient site into usable retail space.

The wheel-like object used for Free Masons Hall #1 was found in the attic of the Hall where it languished for decades.  Originally part of an elaborate chandelier set-up, this object has now been grounded, re-stored and surrounded with a crimson silk fabric that trails off onto the floor, stifling viewers attempts to move closer.

Free Masons Hall #2 is comprised of two distinctly different objects that I excavated from separate rooms of the Hall.  The objects have been arranged in a delicate embrace, one collapsing on the other.