Found Public Object Suspended Between Functional Past And Purposeful Future

2012   Parking Meter, Post-It Note, Concrete Base, Used Cigarette   4 ft. (h)

Lyell Cook was a talented young artist pursuing his undergraduate degree at NSCAD.   In 2009 after completing his second year of studies, Lyell travelled overseas to India where he suffered a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of his life.  I was Lyell’s roommate for a period of six months prior to that fateful trip.

One random evening I arrived home to find a double-headed parking meter in our living room, propped up against the wall with a post-it note attached reading, “Art Project.”  Lyell encountered the parking meter on the street, severed from its base by a passing snowplow, and dragged it home intending to use it as a mold making device in a future sculpture class.  The parking meter never left our living room, and after Lyell  moved out the “Art Project” was forgotten and left behind.

This work operates as a post-humus collaboration between Lyell and myself.