Field of Fire…

2011   Public site-specific installation   Art In The Open Festival
Victoria Park Central Field

Field of Fire was curated by Pan Wendt for the inaugural Art In The Open Festival in Charlottetown, P.E.I.  With the help of a few volunteers I installed 21 “mound” fires on the central field of Charlottetown’s cherished Victoria Park.

A 10ft. x 12ft. polyethylene tarp was secured to the ground for protection against flying sparks.  Mineral soil was used to create a platform/bed on the tarp for the fire to rest on with a minimum height/thickness of 8-10 inches. The base of each “mound” fire was 3ft. x 3ft. or roughly 9 feet square and was equal in size to a small-medium campfire.  The 21 “mounds” were evenly spaced across the immense field.

Remarkable to watch was the behavior of viewers as they interacted with the work and each other during the event.  The 21 “mounds” became individualized campfires that foregrounded spontaneous social relations and evoked a primal, universal need to keep the dark of night at bay.