2008   Monitors, DVD Players, DVD's, Headphones, Stools
8 ft. between monitors   5 1/2 ft. high.

In a controlled studio setting I recorded a conversation between a close friend and myself.  Our dialogue was unscripted and examined the consequences each of us have experienced while living with mental illness, both directly and indirectly.  This interaction was filmed using two cameras and wireless mics, providing a medium close-up view of each participant.

This installation re-presents 15 minutes of our conversation on two monitors (facing) with accompanying headphones.  The viewer is invited to sit and interact with the work on one side or the other.  When the headphones are on (attached to each monitor) the viewer can only hear dialogue perfectly synced with the individual on the opposite monitor, while the individual they are connected with remains mute.  The same holds true for the viewer connected to the opposite monitor/audio set-up.

In this work the viewer can only access half of the conversation at any given time.